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There’s beauty in the sun they say

That light will always guide the way

But hasn’t anyone ever seen

The light within each hidden dream?

The beauty of the glowing moon

That always leaves far too soon

The beauty of a prowling cat

Or wolves running with their pack

The beauty of the broken things

The beauty of folded wings

The beauty hidden in a tear

The beauty that displaces fear

Are these things not wonderful too?

Though their sun might be your moon

Though in darkness they might dwell

The dark has beautiful things as well

The sun is brighter than the moon

And though the moon may fade too soon

It has the pleasure of having known

A beauty that is all its own


Death Of Me

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 Here alone I stand, beneath these weeping trees

I cannot hear your screams, they echo silently

A tremor leaves me helpless and I can hardly breathe

Imagination draws me in; I feel your skin on me

I’m lost within your agony, your pain imprisons me

But deep within my heart I don’t wish to be free

Your beautiful soulless eyes they can no longer see

This darkness you’ve created, this thing that I perceive

Cold and lost you cry out encompassed by your grief

You know not what you have become or what it means for me

But I’ve already seen this scene its secret I’ll reveal

For this thing you have become will be the death of me.

I Love Your Smile

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Let me confess, I love your smile

I love your skin, your hands, your mind

I love the body that holds your soul

I cherish the secrets you let me know

I love the breath that your lungs breathe

I crave the faith you place in me

I love the heart that keeps you strong

The smile you show even when you’re wrong

But the secret that I keep so deep

The only one I fear to speak

That for all I love, cherish and adore

I wish to share your heart no more

I want to be the only one

Not just your sky but also your sun

I want to be the one you love

The only one that you think of

But I cannot be and so I’ll lie

And only confess that I love your smile

The Witch’s Lullaby

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Spin my lovelies twirl and scream
Remember this is all a dream
A dream created from your fear
A thing that taints the smile you wear
Now dance my lovelies, prance and play
Let me wash your screams away
And never again will you wear
That dirty cover you call fear

Calling Your Name

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Behind my eyes, beyond the veil

Lies a place where there’s no pain

And if my life becomes derailed

As I go, I’ll call your name


I’ve gone too far, so far astray

An Icarus sun tempts me away

And as my wings wither and fray

As I fall, I’ll call your name


Guilt has blurred the things we made

It’s left alone and ever so frail

Yes like a picture without a frame

But as I scream, I’ll call your name


Now you have only yesterday

And no more will I see your face

Only bitters tears, they have remained

Love as I die, I’ll call your name

The Swing

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Back and Forth, Forth and Back

Battered grass with pavements cracked

Cobwebs spun above its head

Everything around its dead

Forth and Back, Back and Forth

Without the wind to give it force

Yellow now has turned to grey

All beautiful things have gone away

And as you watch through crusted bars

It never ever seems to stall

It just keeps swaying to and fro

Its only tenants now are ghosts

But still it sways with fallen grace

It moves alone within this waste

But can’t you see with your minds eye?

The children who would fly so high

As if they somehow kept it proud

It tried to help them reach the clouds

And in their joy it found a soul

It thrived while they called it home

But now the children all have gone

No pattering feet or playful songs

The soul that it had found that day

Is the very reason it must remain

So please remember that beautiful swing

It has become a living thing

For it has loved and it has cared

Because it held those children dear

Now in your heart keep this swing

Its children have gone, it’s now dying

At Your Feet

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I would burn the world and lay it at your feet

If it was what you asked for

I would raze the skies and boil the very seas

For it is you my heart calls for

Your soul is the shadow in which my light dies

But in you I’ve found all that I hoped for

Beneath your eyes the stars, they cease to shine

And within your mind horrors unfold

Though they warn me that I should not stay

I’ll lie here as your skin turns cold

And as all that lived here slowly dies away

Our broken story like petals unfold

And in your memory these words you should keep

I have burned my world and laid it at your feet